Wednesday, August 4, 2010

when one door closes, i guess

So the new computer has arrived and it's working out quite well. To test out how good it is, I installed two games that only ran in cheapie cheap mode on the previous PC and they now run at max resolution with all options on, without breaking a sweat.

But I'll be over all that nonsense by week's end and running Photoshop once more.

Anyway, I discovered script treatments today. Basically, if you've ever described a movie or TV show to anyone, you've done a treatment. Not only are they very helpful for generating interest in your project, they provide a guide for you to flesh out a full story after your interested parties demand more.

So that's what I'm doing. So far, it's helped me progress beyond the few paragraphs of a story I'd been working on since the year began. I've also got a few short articles in the works that should be finished and posted soon enough. This feels really good, because my netbook is finally being put to it's original use.

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