Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spanish sahara

It's been a lot of fun getting adjusted to the new computer, but September's here and it's time to stop fucking around. The problem is figuring how to go about it all. There's artwork, music and writing, which I have all been working on, but severely affected by the lovely July-August period.

So what am I getting back into?

The original plan for the Tiny Balloons Fly For Miles webcomic has been shelved indefinitely. In its place is pretty much the same idea, but relegated to a wall of stacked paragraphs with the occasional illustration. It's something I feel strongly about and wish to finish and when I do, it shall be released over a period of time free of charge as an internet thing/minor event.

I am terribly excited messing about with guitars and am at the moment looking into a USB interface to begin some home recordings and demos. I hope to have a D.I.Y EP by the end of everything and realistically speaking, I don't see it as being anything else than a reminder of life before adult responsibility becomes larger and kids arrive.

Lastly, art continues as a trickle of ideas. The new machine has proven itself to be be buff enough, Need For Speed ProStreet is nearly complete and I want to get some work done. The time to dick about is pretty much done.

So that's it. Like the Beatles song goes, I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in. So it's time to face September.

Oh yes. Spanish Sahara. Foals is a great band and I cannot get enough of the remix, which is available from the Sub Pop records website.

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