Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spanish sahara

It's been a lot of fun getting adjusted to the new computer, but September's here and it's time to stop fucking around. The problem is figuring how to go about it all. There's artwork, music and writing, which I have all been working on, but severely affected by the lovely July-August period.

So what am I getting back into?

The original plan for the Tiny Balloons Fly For Miles webcomic has been shelved indefinitely. In its place is pretty much the same idea, but relegated to a wall of stacked paragraphs with the occasional illustration. It's something I feel strongly about and wish to finish and when I do, it shall be released over a period of time free of charge as an internet thing/minor event.

I am terribly excited messing about with guitars and am at the moment looking into a USB interface to begin some home recordings and demos. I hope to have a D.I.Y EP by the end of everything and realistically speaking, I don't see it as being anything else than a reminder of life before adult responsibility becomes larger and kids arrive.

Lastly, art continues as a trickle of ideas. The new machine has proven itself to be be buff enough, Need For Speed ProStreet is nearly complete and I want to get some work done. The time to dick about is pretty much done.

So that's it. Like the Beatles song goes, I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in. So it's time to face September.

Oh yes. Spanish Sahara. Foals is a great band and I cannot get enough of the remix, which is available from the Sub Pop records website.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

parking ain't a new problem

Parking, for me, has always been some bullshit - even more so since upgrading to a new car. It's the deciding factor on going places as well. Do I really want to risk a $500 wrecking fine if there's no room available at the always full parking lots in downtown Port of Spain? Do I really want to risk using a parking lot after witnessing the parking skill of a few other parking lot customers?

Well, this whole parking thing is not new.

Here's a great article about the history of the parking headache.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

something worth thinking about

Came across this yesterday. It makes a ton of sense and should be of use if you are a "Nice Guy", aware of it, and want to make a change for the better (clicking on it makes it a readable size).

Also, give Para-Ten a check out. The visuals outclass the writing, but that's to be expected when an art student does a DIY project. Still, it is an enjoyable read.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

when one door closes, i guess

So the new computer has arrived and it's working out quite well. To test out how good it is, I installed two games that only ran in cheapie cheap mode on the previous PC and they now run at max resolution with all options on, without breaking a sweat.

But I'll be over all that nonsense by week's end and running Photoshop once more.

Anyway, I discovered script treatments today. Basically, if you've ever described a movie or TV show to anyone, you've done a treatment. Not only are they very helpful for generating interest in your project, they provide a guide for you to flesh out a full story after your interested parties demand more.

So that's what I'm doing. So far, it's helped me progress beyond the few paragraphs of a story I'd been working on since the year began. I've also got a few short articles in the works that should be finished and posted soon enough. This feels really good, because my netbook is finally being put to it's original use.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My PC died last week. For a 5 year old machine, it wasn't half bad. Still capable of getting work done, but not really for graphics programs. Needless to say, this temporarily halted some new stuff and a special project.

I was slowly getting back into artwork on it, and am very excited about the new one.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Things continue their slow roll. Writing is making a comeback, and art should be functioning again when the shiny, new PC arrives shortly. These two hobbies have taken a back seat to messing about with my guitars so I won't lie, this blog space may be less frequently updated than the last.

But, here's what can be expected during the course of Please, Bury Me With It:

- Illustrations
- Short stories
- Photos (courtesy my wife, and occasionally from myself)
- Short essays on the bits of nostalgia I've come across.

So let's start this off with an illustration.

The pencils were done about five or six years ago at a company seminar during some downtime. I tried and failed over the years to ink and colour it, but it's done now and I'm happy with it.